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Why You Need Blue-Light Protection, Now More Than Ever


The hours we spend in front of screens has been increasing for years, but now that most of us are spending more time than ever in our homes and trying to entertain or distract ourselves – it’s a real concern. 


More time sitting too close to the computer and tablet, squinting into our smartphones between work tasks, and then binging television shows once the day is done. That’s a lot of screen time…


We’re then left to wonder why we feel so drained of energy, suffer from random headaches, have trouble sleeping or experience teary and scratchy eyes. It’s no coincidence, but it doesn’t have to be this way!




Blue light is the primary color light ray that penetrates with the most energy. The reason why it causes damage is because our eyes don’t have a natural defense, or filter, against its energy. It causes issues for us because the main sources of blue light are fluorescent and LED lights, televisions, computers, smart phones, and THE SUN. 


Blue light is everywhere…




When light passes through the cornea and lens inside our eyes, it reaches the retina. Again, since our eyes don’t have a natural filter, or blocker, against overexposure to blue light, activities and tasks that seem harmless are actually causing some major issues.


Retinal Damage

Overexposure to blue light can accelerate macular degeneration (eye disease). It can also cause photosensitivity cells, which cannot grow back, to be destroyed. 


Digital Eye Strain

Can cause headaches, blurry or double vision, teary eyes, burning or itchy eyes, increased sensitivity to light, sore neck, and difficulty concentrating. None of these are fun…


Poor Sleep Habits

Devices and poor lighting at night can actually trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime which can lead to a number of other major health problems.




With our lives changed so drastically because of Covid-19 and the subsequent quarantine, our eyes have never been so exposed. We’ve never needed more protection than we do right now.


The best solution is to purchase blue light blocking lenses OR add blue light protection to your new prescription (or non-prescription) lenses.




We include blue light coatings on every pair of new lenses when you buy Lensabl Everyday Eyewear frames. Through our Lens Replacement Process it’s super easy and affordable to add blue light protection to your existing lenses for prescription or non-prescription lenses. 


We know how damaging blue light can be, so we’ve made a point to offer protection that works and doesn’t break the bank. No one should have to overpay to protect their eyes!


It’s all part of our dedication to building a one-stop shop for all glasses wearers.

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