Why is Prescription Eyewear so Expensive?

Calling all bridge-pushers, lens wipers, and fog-breathers, have you ever wondered why brick and mortar prescriptions stores demand an arm and a leg from you for a pair of designer glasses?

Are those gathered pieces of metal, plastic, and glass actually worth $200-300?


If you value the integrity of your wallet, you might want to consider this question seriously.


When most people need to buy prescription glasses or replace their old ones, they go to a standard retailer like Lenscrafters. With all the different brands that Lenscrafters and stores like it carry, you would think that would drive prices down. However, it seems that prices have stayed more or less the same, while the glasses themselves have almost no substantial innovation or improvement.


Let’s be clear, in most industries, competition over time has the tendency to drive down prices and drive up product design and quality. However, this is not the case for the prescription eyewear industry.


The reason for this is the stark lack of competition in the prescription eyewear world. Many of the designer brand frames that you know from Oakley to Raybans to Coach to Versace are actually all owned by one company, an Italian eyewear manufacturer called Luxottica.


However, competition has been arising, not from other brick and mortar retailers, but from online eyewear retailers. They are really great if you want to buy good looking, modern, chic frames, but then comes the problem of trying to find another pair of frames to fit your face.


Lensabl offers another solution. For all of you who love your current frames, we will replace your prescription lenses for you. Whether you want blue light blockers or progressive lenses or Transitions, we custom cut every pair of lenses to fit your exact desires. Not only that, we are able to do this starting at $77, a fraction of the price of most designer brands. We cut out the monopoly of frames and so we’re able to bring you this service at an amazing price. While prescription eyewear is expensive, it doesn’t have to be.


Replace your Lenses here 🙂

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