Vision & Eye Care Myths

We know that people mean well — but they aren’t always right. Let’s take a few of those extra worries off our plate, and watch as we debunk some common myths about proper vision care!


Digital Device: Blinding or Tiring? 


We’ve all heard it before — your eyes are too close to the television, computer screen, or your phone. And if they’re not too close, they’ve been staring at the device for too long. Either way, we’ve come to know these situations as harmful for our eyes; something that would deteriorate our vision more quickly. But, we have bright news for the daily binger.  While it is definitely true that headaches, slight blurriness, and tiredness of the eyes may incur, there is actually no harm done to your eyes, or your vision. It’s simply a case of eye fatigue — which can be easily rested off. 


It is also important to note that if you have to sit close to any screen to see properly, then you may already require glasses to correct your vision in the first place!


Not My Glasses — Okay, or Not?


Will wearing glasses that don’t belong to you ruin your vision? Unlike my ego, our vision is not so fragile. Don’t feel like you have to keep your eyes shut — peering through the foreign specs in half-second intervals. You may see double vision, and acquire a not-so-awesome headache, but no permanent damage will be done to you or your vision. 

Eye fatigue from digital devices can be prevented with our blue light blocking lenses!

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