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The Future of Online Eye Exams Has Arrived

Find or renew your prescription lenses from home


Everything seems to be about “quarantine” these days, and it’s getting a bit old. The silver lining is that it’s opened the door for some fascinating technological advancements to aid in our increasingly digital world. All this time spent isolating has brought to light the glaring need to “digitize” as many tasks as possible.


Our focus has shifted toward telehealth services, and most notably, the creation of our revitalized online vision test. Anything having to do with our eyes used to require multiple in-person visits with archaic (and scary) equipment. That’s just no longer the case.



You might be thinking that optometrists aren’t fans of the Online Vision Test feature. However, you’ll find we’ve simply created a more efficient process by which doctors (via telehealth services) can renew your prescription virtually. This suits everyone involved, as many of us remain in “work from home” mode for the foreseeable future.


Newly innovative, virtual technologies allow us to offer a safer and more efficient way to take an online eye exam. It’s ultimately made possible by the progress we’ve seen in the telehealth services world. Our online vision test can renew your expired glasses or contacts prescription without having to schedule risky in-person appointments.




Step 1: Qualify

Start by answering a few qualifying questions here: Online Vision Test


Step 2: Test

You’ll be directed to complete the visual online vision test – it’s just you and your 



Step 3: Analysis

Once completed, your results will be reviewed by a real-life licensed ophthalmologist in 

your state within 24 hours (we told you ophthalmologists wouldn’t hate us…)


Step 4 Voila!

Your new prescription is delivered to your inbox and applied to your account so you can begin shopping with confidence for glasses frames, prescription lenses, blue light blocking lenses, contact lenses, and more at Lensabl.



See what we did there? It’s our clever (some say cheesy) way of reminding our customers and partners that we’ve been adding products and features to bridge the gap between the present and the future of eye care. In an increasingly digital world, it’s become imperative that we adapt to become an end-to-end solution for ALL glasses and contacts wearers.


It’s about giving you the confidence FROM HOME to manage your prescription and purchase the correct and best-looking products available. As a one-stop-shop, our brand is constantly innovating while striving to meet the needs of glasses and contacts wearers in the US and Canada. 


Stay tuned for some exciting announcements from us in the near future. We may or may not be working on a new app that may or may not include more tools and features to make things even easier for our customers…

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