Snapchat Spectacles! What You Need to Know

This past April, Snapchat released the second version of their Prescription Snapchat Spectacles.  With this new iteration, it seems that Snapchat has addressed most of the complaints and problems that people had with their original release. If you haven’t heard about the Spectacles, they are basically sunglasses with a camera embedded into the frame which allow you to either record video or take pictures. All these files can be downloaded to Snapchat Memories, giving you the option to export them to your camera roll later if you want to.


Appearance wise, the new ones have been slimmed down so they fit more naturally onto your face. Before, you definitely knew that they were on your face. Now, slightly less so. The carrying case which doubles as a charger has also been thoroughly cut down so now it can actually fit in some pockets.


Along with making everything more wearable, Snapchat also introduced some new color schemes from Onyx to Ruby to Sapphire, giving them some more pop to their appearance. If you’re looking for more options for your Spectacles, then Lensabl has the perfect solution. Through Lensabl, you can order Spectacles with prescription lens varying in color, material, and purpose of lenses.


Snapchat has also worked on improving their software as well. Not only is it much easier to connect your phone to your Spectacles, but also they’ve streamlined the process of uploading your content to your phone. Instead of trying to scan a QR code with the glasses, you simply open the app and hold a button on the glasses and your devices will pair together. Pretty simple.


Without a doubt, the V2 Spectacles are a great step forward for Snapchat. Of course they aren’t perfect, rarely anything new is. Neither do we have completely streamlined camera glasses that don’t blatantly look like camera glasses. However, this is progress because people are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of recording with and being recorded by fashionable, stylish, and expensive eyewear.


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