Snapchat spectacle buyers demand clear lenses

Los Angeles – Earlier this year, Snapchat launched sunglasses with video cameras to be associated with the social media platform. Already popular among savvy Snapchat users, the fans of the sunglasses have already started to request clear spectacles for the brand.

As of now, fans have gone through other companies in order to replace the tint of the glasses to clear instead of the original form with dark-tinted sunglasses. The glasses are used as a small wireless video camera that can take snaps from your view. They directly connect to your phone via Bluetooth and wi-fi and are able to connect with the Memories portion of the app as well. The glasses launched earlier this August available in black, teal and coral colors sold at approximately 130 dollars a piece.

Seeking out clear alternatives instead of the vibrant colors for the shades, companies such as Lensabl charge 77 dollars to swap your prescription sunglass lenses, according to WWD. The publication also reported that Snapchat has no plans to offer clear-toned glasses, although the company is aware of the demands of its fans. For now, in order to get these glasses in a clear color, customers must choose an alternative third party until Snapchat decides to offer these in-house.

Photo: Snap/Spetacles

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