How To Use Your FSA or HSA Dollars On Glasses

In today’s world, medical and health expenses are everywhere. From doctor’s visits to dental appointments, expenses add up and insurance only covers a portion of it. That’s why employers and Health Insurance agencies offer FSA and HSA plans!


What are FSA and HSA?

FSA stands for “Flexible Spending Account” and HSA stands for “Health Savings Account. It is a program that is set up through an employer and health insurance plan to set money aside for health expenses that are not covered by insurance. This includes your eyeglasses at! Money from your paycheck is set aside, with your permission, in an FSA or HSA account and this allows for you to not only pay for uncovered medical expenses, but it also prepares you for unexpected medical expenses.


How do FSA and HSA work?



Money from your paycheck, either a set amount or a set percentage, is taken out and put in a separate account each month. That account is your FSA account. The money stored there is saved for an entire year, but the sad news is that it doesn’t roll over. Meaning, if you don’t spend your money within the same fiscal year, that money expires and goes to waste. 

The money saved is also tax-free. This means you get more “bang” for your buck and you have more buying power! You can save a ton of money using an FSA account to purchase your prescription eyeglasses.


The way you spend money from your account is to simply use your FSA debit card at checkout. Some FSA providers, however, don’t offer FSA debit cards. To use the money from your FSA account in this case, you must first make the purchase using another means of payment. Then forward the itemized receipt to your FSA provider. The money you spent will be reimbursed to you through your provider.



HSA works very similarly to FSA however, unlike FSA it doesn’t expire at the end of the fiscal year. 


The two main ways that HSA differs from FSA are that HSA can be set up by the employee without the employer’s contribution (although they can contribute to it or help set it up). In addition, only people with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) are eligible for an HSA.


What can you buy?

At Lensabl, your FSA and HSA plan can cover prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and even contact lenses! Any type of prescription is covered and if you know your Rx, you can make your purchase and save money, right now!


It is also important to go over the details of your plan to make sure exactly what is covered.



Your FSA dollars are not eternal or infinite. If you wait too long and allow the fiscal year to end, all your money would have gone to waste. Also, make sure that you spend them wisely. These dollars are more valuable than your average “salary” dollar so you must get the most out of them. Lensabl offers prescription eyewear at the best prices available. Use your FSA dollars to purchase your prescription eyeglasses at Lensabl and save money!


Lensabl readily accepts FSA and HSA plan payments and are happy to help you get your prescription eyeglasses and help you see better! Cover replacement glasses, spare glasses, and even new glasses, in general, with your health insurance plan! 


With tons of frames in every color, shape, and style to choose from, put your FSA dollars to good use before it’s too late and make the most out of your HSA dollars! Learn more and shop now at


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