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Finally, A Long Term Solution To Foggy Lenses

Anti-fog lens coating is real and it works


For the foreseeable future, masks and face coverings are here to stay. If you wear glasses, you know the foggy lens struggle with a mask is REAL.

When wearing a mask, the warm moist air of your breath is pushed up and out directly onto the surface of your lenses – which are significantly cooler than the temperature of your breath. The water in your breath then condenses and causes your lenses to fog up, making it hard to see clearly.


The problem is that breathing into a mask while wearing glasses causes lenses to become annoyingly foggy. So, where does this leave us? Well, you shouldn’t have to struggle to see clearly, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own health by pulling down your mask all the time…


Yes, they have. The internet is flooded with articles containing tips and tricks to try and eliminate foggy lenses. If you read our previous post about foggy lenses, we tried them all too. They all required work, time, and repetition. Lots and lots of repetition… Here’s what didn’t quite work:

  • “Macguyvering” masks never seemed to consistently work
  • Sticking tape or adhesives was tedious, uncomfortable, and repetitive
  • Constantly cleaning lenses with soapy water became a chore (and is bad for the lenses)
  • Wearing glasses more toward the tip of the nose is just silly and didn’t help much
  • Buying new mask after new mask because the elastic would over stretch was a drain


Anti-fog lens coating, built directly onto the lens itself, is the ONLY proven solution to eliminating foggy lenses. The coating keeps your lenses clear while wearing a mask (and in other foggy conditions) with a thin coating applied to the back of the lens to repel fog.

You shouldn’t have to use a bandaid when there’s an option that provides an instant and lasting solution. It’s fun pretending to be Macguyver, but using his ingenuity to manipulate your mask and glasses is not.


Once again, we find ourselves with yet another feature that can be added to your prescription or non-prescription lenses. With protections like scratch, blue light, glare, water, and smudge all of these features can add up, and it can be difficult to find them in one single product.

As a one-stop shop for all things optical online, Lensabl gives you the confidence and ease to find the right pair of glasses with properly constructed lenses. Along with the above protections, anti-fog lens coating has become an essential component!

Although addressing the issue of foggy lenses may seem small in the grand scheme of things, anti-fog lens coating from Lensabl has become a very simple solution for a very annoying problem. Now that you’ve eliminated the foggy lens conundrum, you can finally focus on the bigger things going on right now.

Oh, and you can do it with clear lenses AND a mask!


  • John Carter

    Very interesting. What is the anti-fog coating made out of? How long does it last? Does it require special care?

    December 4, 2020
  • This really answered my problem, thank you!

    February 16, 2021
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