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Are Cheap Sunglasses Worth It?

Alright folks, thank you very much for your time, that about wraps it up.

Jokes aside, it really does depend on what you’re looking for. However, regardless of your preferences, the first question is: do cheap prescription sunglass lenses actually protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays?



Different doctors have conducted different tests, but the general consensus is that yes, cheaper sunglasses can actually protect from UV rays. The catch is that you need to look for labels on the glasses which explicitly state that they have 99-100% UV protection. If the label says something vague like “blocks most UV rays”, then steer clear. Otherwise, you can spend as little as $10-15 on a pair of sunglasses that will still protect your eyes.




REASON 1: Comfort

Okay, so now that you’re sure that your eyes will be safe from the sun, why would you want to dish out any more of your hard earned money on a pair of sunglasses? For starters, designer sunglasses are most likely going to be much more comfortable. A big chunk of the money you surrender to more expensive eyewear is the effort that goes into making sure the glass and plastic on your face will sit comfortably. It takes a surprising amount of design skills to ensure that glasses don’t put too much pressure on your nose, ears, and the sides of your face. Especially for those who have to wear glasses for long periods of time, this is really important.


REASON 2: Visual Quality

So, what if you don’t actually need to wear them for hours on end? Higher-end sunglasses will also have much greater lens quality, providing a visual clarity that you really can’t beat. They will also come with anti-glare coatings which really just makes it easier to see in general. What’s the point of sunglasses if you still can’t see anything? Exactly, there is no point, which is why it’s still worth it to invest in a good pair of sunglasses.


REASON 3: Options

Finally, designer sunglasses simply give you access to a much greater width of variety. You’ll be able to choose different colors, lens material, intensity of shade, and if you want Transitions or not. If that’s something you’re looking for, Lensabl actually offers lens options whether you want normal sunglasses or prescription ones. In the end, it’s really your personal preference because in short, it depends.



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