Lensabl | Understanding Photocromatic & Transitions Lenses
Everything you need to know about selecting the right photocromatic Transitions lens!
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Understanding Transitions® Lenses

What are Transition Lenses?

Transitions® lenses are a brand of photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses adapt to light, allowing you multiple uses for a single pair of glasses at one time. This means that the lenses will darken in exposure when exposed to sunlight (essentially becoming sunglasses), while clearing up into regular glasses when not. They can be made with standard CR39 plastic polymer, polycarbonate, or high-index — and can be made to fit many various types of frames!

Transitions® lenses in particular, has several variations to serve different purposes. Read below to find which Transitions® lens is perfect for you!

Transitions® Signature™
Lens Color Options: Grey, Brown, Green/Grey
Indoor Clarity: Fully Clear
Outdoor Darkness: Dark
Behind the Wheel Activation: No
Polarization: No
Transitions® XTRActive®
Lens Color Options: Grey, Brown, Green/Grey
Indoor Clarity: Slight Tint
Outdoor Darkness: Darkest (even in high temperatures)
Behind the Wheel Activation: Yes
Polarization: No

Transitions® Vantage™
Lens Color Options: Grey
Indoor Clarity: Slight Tint
Outdoor Darkness: Dark
Behind the Wheel Activation: No
Polarization: Variable Polarization

What is behind the wheel activation?

Having behind the wheel activation simply means that the lenses will still transition even when behind a windshield. Without behind the wheel activation, the lenses will not receive enough UV rays to activate.

What is polarization?

You can learn more about polarized lenses on our blog, here!

I have a script for distance and reading correction.

Not a problem. We offer all Transitions® for progressive lenses in standard CR39, polycarbonate, and high-index. Transitions® lenses are not available for bifocal lenses.

Does Lensabl offer Transitions® XTRActive?

Yes! While the option is not currently available on our site, we can definitely do these for you. They are priced the same as Transitions® Vantage, so you can place an order for that. Once your order is in, send us a support ticket through our web form, or an email to hello@lensabl.com, letting us know that you would like your order fulfilled with Transitions® XTRActive lenses.